Welcome to a fine Data Acquisition System for the 

Stuska Dynamometer / Power Absorber


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(for the hydraulic water brake)

made by Stuska Engineering


90 / 400 / 800 / D 400 / D 800

If you are looking for fine Data Acquisition for your Stuska Dyno / 

Dynamometer as well as speed control

--> then please go to: www.tat-rd.com or www.TAT-Messysteme.com

    under www.tat-rd.com/dynoedi.htm you can see some of the engine dynamometers which  
TAT - Messysteme  have built using the Stuska.


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TAT   Dyno Data - for Stuska and all Engine and Chassis Dynamometers

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    if you would like to order information on Data Acquisition for the Stuska Power Absorber then please 

    e-mail:  Dyno@TAT-RD.com  




     above: this is how print-outs from the easy to use TAT System can look like within seconds after your engine test (pull) 

     below: all the many special quality parts that make up a TAT Data Acquisition System

parts shown: 

  • Intake Air Temperature Sensor, 

  • 19" rack size precision machined case housing Master System Electronics for 8 channels (other sizes available in multiples of 8 input channels, so 16, 24, 32, 40, 48,....up to 256)

  • Barometric Air Pressure Sensor

  • PC communication card

  • Power Supply

  • RPM pickup and Interface box